Where is the best place to buy cheap Lululemon clothes?

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    As someone who has spent hundreds of dollars at Lululemon stores and as someone who is avid shopper, I may be qualified to answer this question. I’m a guy and and love shopping clothes (imagine that!). I love (or used to love) shopping at , say Kohl’s or Macys or any regular clothing store and buy new clothes. You can get a decent jeans for about $40 at Macys and t-shirts for as less as $10. I use my clothes throughout the day, i.e. I will wear the same t-shirt from morning till I hit the bed at night and through the night. I would also spend the whole day in my jeans. I wash clothes after every use so you can say that they go through the abuse cycle very often.

    After maybe 1–2 months or so of use all these clothes start showing signs of ‘you get what you paid for’. The biggest problem is ‘pilling’ (google that and look at images and you’ll know). It basically renders the clothes unacceptable anywhere but at the gym and at home. I’ve used lint remover and scissors to get rid of them but they keep coming back. It’s just the nature of natural fiber I suppose…

    The second problem is that of irreversible stretching. As someone who sits all day in front of computers, the backside of my shirts start to stretch and after a while it looks like a bell-shaped skirt, but around my belly. They also tend to stretch after washing and drying cycles. The only choice is to donate it away. Same thing with jeans. They will stretch and wear and tear (especially near you-know-where) after using for a few months, pockets will start fraying from the inside, and these have to be donated as well. In the end I spend thousands of $$ over a few years just on clothing.

    Compare these $10–40 shirts/jeans to $70–150 shirts/pants/trousers you get at Lululemon. I don’t know technicalities of the fibers they use but it’s all synthetic: 80% or so polyester, 10%+ elastine whatever that is and a bunch of other stuff. It’s comfortable as hell!

    I recently got into a very good shape so Lululemon clothes fit me well now ;) . I can basically wear these the whole day and sleep in them and they retain their shape, stretch and luster. They also move well with your body. Most of these clothes don’t even need to go through the dryer.

    I just wash and spin them and hang them to dry out and they’re dry within the hour. And they don’t feel synthetic or itchy at all. I don’t feel any different in them than I feel in my regular cotton t-shirts. The biggest bonus is that they don’t smell! In fact, I’m at the point now that I have enough LL merchandise to wear all week. And they last long! It’s been a year since I bought my first LL casual trouser and it hasn’t shown any sign at all of aging. Every time I wash it it’s brand new! This was one of the main reason why I started buying more of their stuff.

    I have spent years looking for the perfect brand that fits me and lasts long. If you adored this post and you would certainly like to receive even more info regarding men’s lululemon reps kindly check out the website. I look at LL clothes not as merchandise but as an investment. You can buy a $10 shirt 5 times a year every year or buy a $50 shirt once a year and use forever!

    But What is the actual cost to make Lululemon yoga pants?

    I can’t tell you the company’s costs but I can tell you about making copycat pants.you can google search”lululemon258″ to find the best reps lulu supplier now.The new loungeful reps hoodie that just dropped in China looks sooo cute and I love this electric lemon color.

    Less than $20 USD depending on your fabric options and sewing skill. If you factor in your own labor that makes a difference. Fabric is relatively cheap, but when you buy ready to wear you are usually paying a premium for a special design or texture that you can’t get at a craft or fabric store.

    You can order fabrics online, but you won’t know what they are truly like before you get them. Then you need a pattern unless you are super pro, but those tend to be cheap, again unless you are looking for something very particular or unique.

    If you are brand new to sewing, you may need lessons and supplies like a pin cushion, needles, pins, a backing/measuring/pattern/cutting board (what are those called I can’t think of the name), fabric scissors, measuring devices, a stitch ripper because we all make mistakes, and even a machine?!

    All that said, I must be honest in that I don’t know how much lulu lemon pants cost, but I have certainly made my own pants before and they are great and they are mine and they are special.

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