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    Linear Stove
    With its dual-area program, our linear oven stands for utmost efficiency. Two separately adjustable heating areas provide the choice of cooking and browning food as well using different temperatures. That way, the system makes perfect use of energy consumption. Different product sizes easily go back to wearing the oven alongside, and the oven allows for consistent cooking results by hot circulating air and/or water.
    Our linear oven heats, wanna-be cooks, and browns products with circulating air and/or steam. Its special function: Two separately adjustable warming up areas guarantee optimal cooking results and minimal failures of moisture.
    Even before and behind our linear range, you can count upon our reliable technology. Our conveyor technology ensures exceptional line integration and effortless filling. From different conveyor belts for almost all requirements to spiral conveyors as well as lifting and tilting products to special solutions made just for you, we’ve got the best accessories for your foodstuff processing machines.
    The Cyclone Series linear ranges from Alkar offer the production capacity of an spiral oven with the footprint and strategy of a linear oven. The company says there isn’t any complex ductwork, so the ovens are easy to wash and provide a larger percentage of useable preparing area per square foot of floor space. The ovens offer sturdy construction and simple, open-door accessibility.
    The alco Linear Range AGU includes two separate heating zones. This means there exists maximum efficiency in nutrition processing with minimised vitality consumption. These separate, individual heating areas allow the option of cooking and browning foodstuff simultaneously, using different temp. The oven is designed so that varying product sizes can easily fit alongside, allowing an easy transfer of food. The alco oven in addition utilises a hot circulating air and/or steam allowing for consistent cooking outcome, achieving uniform products all the time.

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