Anger behind the scenes of The Biggest Loser as experienced trainer is replaced.

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    Anger behind the scenes of The Biggest Loser as experienced trainer is replaced by young newcomer ‘not certified in California’ By <br> Published: 02:05 EST, 19 August 2013 | Updated: 02:05 EST, 19 August 2013 <br>

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    ); <br /><br>There has been anger backstage on The Biggest Loser after an experienced trainer was replaced by a youthful newcomer not yet certified in California.<br /><br><br>Los Angeles resident Sandy Krum had been working on the reality dieting competition show for the obese since 2007, but was replaced before taping on Season 15 started this summer.<br><br>Newcomer Ryan Applegate won his place on the show without his state trainer certification – causing anger behind the scenes.<br> New start: Sandy Krum has been replaced as a trainer for the upcoming season of The Biggest Loser<br> <br> <br><br>Past contestants and current staffers on the show have been upset that Applegate hasn’t passed the voluntary test, according to a report in .<br><br>The stringent certification test is not required by law, but trainers take it to prove they are qualified to safely oversee exercise management.<br /><br> RELATED ARTICLES

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    <br>Contestants on the show can weigh more than 500 pounds and some suffer from diabetes and extremely high blood pressure.<br> New trainer: Ryan Applegate has been picked to join The Biggest Loser in replace of Krum<br> <br> <br><br>Krum in his NBC bio for the show was credited with catching the oldest contestant to ever appear on The Biggest Loser when he fainted in the first episode of Season 7.<br><br>Before joining the show, Krum worked for two decades as a trainer for Major League Baseball clubs including the Cincinnati Reds, Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs.<br><br>The Chicago native earned a degree in community health services with a concentration in athletic training at Ohio University.<br> New trainer: Contestants on The Biggest Loser can tip the scales at more than 500 pounds<br> <br> <br><br>Krum is a certified licensed member of the National Athletic Trainers Association, has his cpr certification free online certification from the American Red Cross and has been certified by the American Heart Association to operate a portable heart defibrillator.<br><br>Krum also has been the athletic trainer on NBC’s American Gladiators and Losing It With Jillian Michaels.<br><br>A representative for The Biggest Loser’s production company stood by Applegate in a statement to TMZ.<br><br>’The health and safety of our contestants is our #1 priority and the show is confident that the team of professionals they have hired to work with the contestants are qualified to do so,’ the statement said.<br><br> <br>

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